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Native Plantings and Green Landscaping Resources


Native Plant List

A list of commercially available native plants, separated by growth habit.


Organic Landscapers and Native Plant Suppliers

A list of local organic landscapers and garden centers that provide native plants.


Massachusetts Prohibited Plant List

The list of plants that are prohibited to buy and plant in the state.


Comprehensive information about all plants found in the United States.


A very easy to use and read database of over 7,200 plants that are native to North America.


A multi-partner outreach effort to promote water conservation and protection. Their Greenscapes Guide is an excellent resource for environmentally friendly and healthy lawn and garden care. From rain gardens to urban gardens, watering to fertilizing, and plants to stormwater runoff, this is the guide to consult.


NOFA’s Organic Land Care division is a great resource for homeowners looking to manage their property using organic practices. They have information about soil testing and a list of Homeowner Workshops. You can also search for certified land care professionals.


State of Massachusetts: Low Impact Development Toolkit

Information and resources for Low Impact Development (LID). Part of the state’s Smart Growth/Smart Energy initiative.


Fact sheets, design manuals, and resources for Low Impact Development.


Use their membership to find green roof experts who can answer questions and do installations.


Provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.


Information and tips on how to conserve water, inside and outside your home.


Information on how to reduce the polluted runoff that flows to our streams, lakes, rivers and coastlines.

implemented and monitored the performance of nine demonstration projects that highlighted and water conservation techniques.






The following is a list of websites that you may wish to consult for more information about green projects around your home and garden.